Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today Chandler had his follow-up with Dr. Rocha and received the second of the four vaccinations for melanoma. Dr. Rocha was very pleased with how Chandler was post-operation. I told him that we re having trouble keeping him from wrestling with Riley and that he is eating like a horse.*

After the quick once over, Dr. Rocha took Chandler downstairs (they have a huge space downstairs for all the work beyond a simple check-up) to get his vaccination and his stitches removed. A few minutes later, Heather (the Onocology resident) brought Chandler back upstairs vaccinated and stitch-free. Without the stitches, he looks even better.

It was rough waiting for him while he was downstairs. Not because I was worried like the last time I had to wait there (that seems so long ago), but because I heard some other pet-parents sniffling and tearing up. I am a very empathetic person (shock, I know) and being around that was hard. I knew exactly how they were feeling.

Chandler goes back in 2 weeks for his next vaccination and then again 2 weeks after that.

*Chandler WAS eating like a horse when we were giving him wet food. Now that he is back on kibble, he is none too happy. When he gets hungry, he'll eat.

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