Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why This Blog and What the Title Means

First a little background. 3 weeks ago I found a lump in Chandler's mouth. At his annual check-up/predental vet appointment I pointed it out to Dr. Mlekoday (Chandler's doctor) and she said she would check it and biopsy it at his dental the following week. This past Monday we got the news that Chandler has malignant melanoma in his mouth. Needless to say, this was devastating news. Ethan got us the first available appointment with an oncologist recommened by Dr. M., Dr. Rocha at Veterinary Specialists in NYC. We met with Dr. Rocha, yesterday, Wednesday. During the examination, Dr. Rocha gave Chandler a battery of tests. Chandler was very cooperative and he did not have to get sedated for the x-rays or ultra sounds. That was good news as it meant we would be able to leave around 1:00. However, Chandler's bladder was not full so they could not get a clear image of it and we had to wait for him to fill up. Finally by 2:30 he was full. Unfortunately, the ultrasound showed a mass in his bladder. They did a fine needle aspiration of the mass, along with the lymph node under the tumor in his mouth to find out what we are dealing with.

The lymph node showed some metastisis, but the paraspinal nodes around Chandler's bladder are clear. So, we did get some good news. Dr. Rocha believes the bladder tumor is unrelated to the melanoma. Today we are off to get a CT scan of Chandler's mouth and abdomen so we know better how to treat him.

So why this blog? Well, all of our friends want to know what is going on with Mr. Chandler. However, having to repeat the news over and over is very painful and I would rather have one central location to give everything we know at once. We truly appreciate everyone's concern and support. But I just cannot keep telling everyone separately. Calls and emails to express support and to see how we are doing are always welcome, but for any questions on the status of things medically, we have this blog.

What the title means. Ever since he was a puppy, Chandler has made this trilling sound to greet his friends. I have never heard another dog do this. But everyone who heard it laughed and knew they were loved and welcomed by Chandler. So what better way to let visitors to this blog know they are welcome than with this sound that is the essence of Chandler. With that, welcome to Chandler's Trill.

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  1. What a great picture of Chandler! Thanks for the blog link.