Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Best News!

Dr. Kyles called this evening. He got the results from the pathologist. The mass in Chandler's bladder appeared to be just a fibrous mass, no evidence of a tumor. And even better news is that the report showed clear margins around the oral melanoma he removed. In other words, Dr. Kyles got the ENTIRE tumor out of Chandler.

Tomorrow we'll talk to Dr. Rocha and decided if we need to proceed with radiation at all.

This is the absolute best report we could have gotten.

I am beyond relieved. I didn't realize how tense I was about this until I spoke to Dr. Kyles. I feel like a massive weight is lifted. And that I felt that way when we brought him home only shows how completely flattened I was at the start of this episode. So Chandler had the bladder surgery for nothing, but I am happy we did it to make sure there was nothing there.

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  1. I totally share your sentiments but I disagree with the one statement that he had he "had the bladder surgery for nothing". Chandler had mass on ultrasound and CAT Scan, and given the high/ fast metastatic rate of malignant melanoma, it was MORE than reasonable to think this was something to be ruled out (or another tumor of separate origin.) In the current clinical setting, it HAD TO BE dealt with and addressed.

    I'm glad he had the bladder surgery as it rules out any metastatic disease or new malignancy.

    My heart is full with gratitude.