Saturday, April 11, 2009

Third Visit

At 8:00, Ethan called the vet to check on Chandler. Clarence, the night nurse, told him that he tried to feed Chandler, but that he didn't eat anything. Ethan and I decided to see if we could get him to eat. We hopped in the car with some freshly made food, courtesy of daddy Ethan (ground up chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas) and headed back into the city.

When we got to the vet, Chandler was actually pretty quiet. He got a little worked up when he saw us, but nowhere nearly as bad as this afternoon. Clarence told us that Chandler had been pretty quiet for a while, and when he got wound up, Clarence let him out of the cage to walk around a bit. Chandler peed on the floor apparently, but being out of the cage helped calm him down.

Unfortunately, Chandler didn't eat that much. He took a few small bites, but not nearly what he did this afternoon. But he laid down in my lap and slept for a minute or two. It felt wonderful. Ethan and I were there for about 20 minutes and the decided to let Chandler rest more. When we put him back in the cage, he didn't get too worked up. And he was actually quiet when we walked out of the patient care room.

Tomorrow he should be coming home. Hopefully when they taper his pain meds tomorrow he can tolerate it. We know he will have some pain, but right now it seems as if a lot of the crying is about being caged up.

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