Friday, April 10, 2009

He's Out of Surgery!!!

Dr. Kyles just called. Chandler is out of surgery and waking up already. They were able to remove the entire tumor in his mouth and the malignant lymph node as well. They couldn't excise a large margin around the tumor as Chandler's mouth is so small and the location of the tumor would have required removing bone from his jaw. So, he'll get a little radiation once his mouth is all healed. They couldn't close the entire wound as there was not enough tissue, so it will take a little time.

As for his bladder, the mass did not appear to be cancerous. They will have a path report on it soon, but Dr. Kyles is very confident it is nothing serious.

Chandler also started on the vaccine therapy today. He'll get 3 more injections at 2 week intervals.

I cannot say how happy I am. There just aren't words for it. I am shaking as I type this. This is the best news we could have gotten. My baby is fine. He will be at the hospital over night and then tomorrow we will see if he can come home or will he need one more night there. Much will depend on his pain level. But those of you who know Chandler, know he does not show pain that often. So it will require some serious scrutiny. Honestly, as much as I want him home, if we feel he needs another night in the hospital, he'll come home Sunday instead.

He is such an amazing dog. Everyone who meets him thinks he is only 10 years old or a puppy. I know the exercise he got walking around our old neighborhood in St. Louis gave him a great start. I mean he kept up with a greyhound and a golden retriever on 1.5-2 mile walks. He is a strong being.

Thank you all for your love, support and positive thoughts. I know that all of that helped tremendously.

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