Monday, April 20, 2009


Chandler is doing unbelievably better. It is almost as if the surgery never happened. If his face weren't half shaved and he could hold it longer before having to go outside, it would be like nothing happened. He is eating like a horse. I know some of that is because he is getting squishy food rather than kibble, but he is seemingly always hungry. For those of you who know Chandler, you know he is a pick eater and can often go a day or more without eating. He spent a lot of time outside yesterday. He even walked, without prompting or encouraging, to the lower level of the back yard. Prior to the surgery, he didn't do that.

I could not be happier about his progress. He is off his antibiotics and one of is pain pills. We are also weening him off his final pain pill. Tomorrow should be his last day on it.

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