Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dr. Rocha called to say he didn't get the CT report and that the fine needle aspiration of Chandler's bladder was "non-diagnostic." He added that he is off tomorrow. So, even if the report came in tomorrow, nothing would happen until Monday at the earliest. But we scheduled an appointment to meet with the surgeon tomorrow at 10a.m. Very frustrating. And we want this out of him ASAP, letting it go until Tuesday is not acceptable.

Ethan sprang into action on this and called Chandler's regular vet to run interference. I just got a call from the specialist's office. Chandler is on the books for tomorrow. So, as long as they don't get too many emergency cases coming in tonight/tomorrow morning, Chandler will have surgery tomorrow to reduce the mass in his bladder and removed the mouth tumor and lymph node. Dr. Mlekoday is the best vet bar none. This is also predicated on the results of the CT, but we will have that tomorrow as well.

WOW! I am happy this is going to happen sooner rather than later, but at the same time I am scared. I get nervous enough when he gets knocked out for dental. This is major surgery! My baby is being cut open. I know it is to help him, but that doesn't lessen the anxiety for me. The parade of horribles is going through my head. Please everyone put out good thoughts about Chandler being fine, coming through the surgery with no problems, and his health being improved. And of course if for some reason it cannot happen tomorrow I will be disappointed, as long as it is because they got booked up. So good thoughts everyone.


  1. Dr. Jennifer Mlekoday is seriously one of the best doctors I've ever met; Vet or human. I wish we all had access to doctors like her. If you need a vet, are thinking about changing vets, or just need a veterinary consultation, give her a call:

  2. Holding good thoughts that Channy gets this done on schedule today!!! I can tell you that I was TERRIFIED about the bladder surgery with Sam, and my vet was 100% correct in saying that they bounce back REALLY quickly from that. Sam was home in less than 48 hrs with good pain meds, and was essentially himself again (except for piddling issues) by the 4th day.
    I am praying for you and Channy today and every day going forward.