Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's Home!

We brought Chandler home today.

We called the hospital at 9:00 this morning and talked to the doctor on duty. She told us she had checked Chandler over and he seemed to be doing very well. They were starting to reduce his pain meds in the IV so we could likely take him home. She added that she thought some of his crying was about being in the cage. She assured us that when we got there, we would go into a room with Chandler and assess for ourselves his pain level.

We got to the hospital around 1:45. We were led into a room and after a minute, JoJo, the nurse on duty, brought in Chandler. He looked so much better. We put him on the ground and let him explore the room. Not a single yelp from him. So, we knew he was good to go. We took him upstairs to wait for his discharge papers and medications. He started to cry a little, so I took him outside. He was soo happy to have fresh air and walk around. He peed and then calmed down.

On the drive home, Chandler fell asleep in my lap. I think he and I both needed that. Now he is home and resting in a penned off area. Phoebe and Riley were so excited to see him. And of course Phoebe went into nurse mode. Everytime Chandler would make a noise, she rushed over to make sure he was OK.

It feels so good to have him home and our family complete again. Tomorrow I will find out when he sould start radiation and the details on the program. But for now, I am just enjoying having Chandler back. Medicine only can do so much, now it is all about love.

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