Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Day Today

Today we brought Chandler in to meet with Dr. Kyles. On our way in, I called the CT Scan facility and made sure they faxed the report over to Dr. Kyles so if everything checked out, Chandler could have surgery today.

The fax arrived while we were waiting for our appointment (because of the holidays there was no traffic getting in to NYC today and we made it in very quickly). We had the receptionist make a copy for us so we could review it. Overall it was really good news. We already knew about the tumor in Chandler's mouth and lymph nodes. The big question was the mass in his bladder. The report was inconclusive, so hopefully when they go in, they will see it is not cancerous. But back to the oral tumor. The good news here is that there is no evidence of it going into the bone and it is operable. The only issue is that because of the location, they may not be able to excise the entire thing or get a clear margin. But Chandler is a candidate for the new vaccine therapy, so even if some of the cancer is left, it isn't as bad as if it they couldn't remove any of it.

The CT scan showed a few other areas of interest, but not cancer related. Chandler has some kidney issues showing possible early stages of kidney disease. However, this is easily treated with medication.

After talking with Dr. Kyles, we decided to proceed with the surgery today. So, after filling out the necessary paperwork, we handed Chandler off to the Vet Tech and said "see you soon." This is so not "good bye." We do not yet know what time Chandler is going under the knife today. They had a few emergency cases come , but we know at the latest it would be in the afternoon.

Following the surgery, Chandler will have to spend at least one night in the surgery center. He may come home tomorrow, but it will depend on how he is doing. We expect him home no later than Sunday.

I cannot tell you the relief I feel. Yes, I am scared, nervous, and anxious about my baby having surgery today. However, now that we know what we are dealing with, a treatment plan will be set up very soon and best of all, the melanoma is being removed. The waiting was horrible these past few days. Now we are just waiting to find out that he is out of surgery. Poor Chandler had to go three days in a row without breakfast. Today he was looking from me to his plate, almost demanding food. I felt so horrible not feeding him. As smart as he is, he doesn't understand the no eating before surgery rule. I brought food and treats with me to vet just in case he didn't have surgery today so I could feed him immediately. Serious mix of emotions happening now, but I feel like I can breathe again. I even have my appetite back. That pit in my stomach feeling is gone. And of course I hate that Chandler isn't home right now, but he needs the surgery. This is the first time in 14 years when I am home at night and Chandler isn't here. I've never slept in my home when he wasn't here.

This afteroon, Riley tried to snuggle against Phoebe the way he does with Chandler, but she wasn't having it. I wonder if they realize he is not home. It is going to be hard keeping Riley away from him when he comes home, but Chandler will need to rest.

Please keep the positive thoughts coming. Remember we aren't fighting anything. We are improving, helping and restoring.

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  1. As we sat in the exam room, waiting, and waiting, and waiting and waiting for Dr. Kyles to show up (BTW- what's up with that?!?! This ain't no HMO plan- we're better than a PPO- we're CASH-PAYING, but I digress...) I decided to help Chandler "get ready" for surgery. I sat there giving him Reiki. MAN! I got WAAAAY overheated and had to take my sweatshirt off. Candler got overheated a bit too, but every time I give a dog Reiki, they start to pant heavily and they get all sorta "stoned". It's great for them. Now, I know I am only a Level 1 Reiki Practicioner so there are definite limits on what I can and cannot do. Still, I definitely sensed that things were stirring in his body. Normally when I give Reiki, it just flows very slowly and my hands (where it exits me) feel like they just naturally flow into the person I'm giving it to and it's like we're one part of the same whole-- energy just flowing. But not today. He was already all juiced up and when the Reiki started to flow and I could actually feel his body PULLING the energy through me and pulling it out through my hands. Like a suction of some sort. Very interesting, indeed. I take it to mean that his body is trying to restore itself towards it's optimal, healthy baseline and it soaked up all of the energy it could take, sort of like a dry sponge on a puddle of water. (Maybe Laura, my Reiki Master, can explain that one!)

    I know one thing for sure: I'll keep the Reiki and good love flowin' and with the tumors resected and the vaccine therapy onboard to boost his own natural immunity, we'll have him back to normal in no time at all. I know it.