Monday, April 13, 2009

First Night Home

Last night was Chandler's first night home since the surgery.

We kept him penned up most of the evening, so Phoebe and Riley wouldn't get too into his business. Every time he made a sound, Phoebe ran to the pen to make sure he was OK. It was sweet how concerned she was for him. But between him whining, Phoebe growling and Riley being a puppy, it was exhausting. We finally let him sit on the couch with us and the seemd to calm him down. He slept a bit, ate a nice size dinner and slept some more.

Unfortunately, we need to keep him penned up at night, so he doesn't pee on the floor. As he doesn't like being penned up, I decided to sleep in the den with him. We went out for a last relief walk around 11:30. Chandler went right to bed with no fussing. Around 3:45, he woke up and stared whining. We went out, he did his business and then back to bed. He slept until 6:30, when I got his brother and sister up to go out.

All in all, a pretty easy over night. I slept more deeply than I have in a week. Deep enough to dream and feel refreshed when I woke up. It just feels so good having him home.

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