Tuesday, April 14, 2009

P.O.D. # 3

Chandler did very well on post-op day #3. He's getting a bit more comfortable with the idea of peeing on the wee-wee pads, though he's so well house-broken that he still whines and struggles with it before allowing himself to do this. I came home late from work on Monday night and so we all had short, little time together on the couch. We caught up on In Treatment on HBO On Demand, and then I nodded off on the couch, as I often do. It was nice having us all there together on the couch... Michael took a video of it:

Then we took Riley and Phoebe out for their night walks and it was my night to sleep downstairs with Chandler. Michael needed to catch up on a GOOD night's sleep. Chandler started off whining so I put a wee-wee pad on the couch and let him lay on it, with me. He fell asleep immediately. I was trying to fall asleep but his snoring was kind of loud. Also, I was afraid he'd do (what he's been doing lately) which is to suddenly wake up and literally jump up. We have to grab him when he does this to stop him from falling off the couch! So I took pillows from the other couch and lined the floor next to the couch we were on with them and then wee-wee pads, just in case he jumped off. So now we had the "barrier" for his protection. Still, I was dozing and knew I needed to actually sleep. I figured that if I took him now, at midnight, he'd pee, poop and if I returned him to a dark room into his crate, he'd just fall asleep. And that's what happened. YAY! I had a hard time falling and staying asleep--- I'm a little too long/tall for the couch. So I tossed and turned until 3:30 when Chandler started to really get fussy. As soon as the whining started, I took him outside for another peeing session, put him back in bed and then started to fall asleep myself, finally, at 4 AM.

That's when, from upstairs, I could hear Riley. Riley started crying all night. He's still a puppy, so we have to let him cry and try to fall back asleep and not think he's gonna be able to wake us up when he wants something. When we got up at 6 this morning, it turns out that Riley wanted water... poor baby. Oh well.

Most importantly, it's Tuesday morning, P.O.D. # 4 now, and Chandler is doing even better than before. I have full confidence in his recovery from the surgeries.

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