Friday, May 15, 2009


Chandler has now received 3 of the 4 initial vaccinations. His next one is a week from yesterday. He is doing great. Unfortunately though, last night I found a lump on his skin that may very well a melanoma. There is also a lump near his surgery site that could be another enlarged lymph node. Tomorrow Chandler has an appointment with his surgeon and if either/both of these new masses are cancerous, they will come out ASAP. The question then becomes, do we do this every time we find lump? I don't want to subject Chandler to surgery every month. The whole point is to keep him comfortable. I am hopeful that removing these lumps will be minimally invasive. Compared to the last surgery, it should be easy. I am of course upset about this. I mean, hasn't he been through enough? It is just not fair.

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